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Whether The Vine Church is your home church, you're trying to find a new home church or you are exploring what the Christian faith is all about you are welcome to join one of our community groups! Community Groups are a safe place where you can talk about your faith and questions, form new friendships, grow spiritually, and grow in serving and impacting others. To find out more about community group contact us at

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Sermon Series


The book of Ephesians is a complex but wonderful presentation of how the gospel of Jesus not only changes people but also changes the world. in it he takes the cosmic battle that Christ has won; battles for unity, for holiness, for spiritual maturity, and in spiritual warfare.

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The exodus story teaches us that when it comes to god stepping into human history and delivering his people from bondage and slavery, the miracle of freedom is not found in the sudden moments of dramatic breakthrough, but along the way of the journey itself. We all carry a story of oppression. We all long to be free from The things that enslave us.

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Call to Intimacy

In this series we will call the church to invite Jesus to sit down in the armchair opposite them and make it a habit to get to know him directly and personally for themselves. we will challenge our people to push beyond just the ‘atmosphere’ of God and make it a priority to find all their longings and intimacy in him.

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