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Hope in Christ Everlasting, Change in God’s Timing

I have been involved in the Red Light District (RLD) ministry for more than 3 years. The reason is simple: it is my church’s neighborhood, and I see a need.

God has given me a heart of compassion and mercy, and the passion for social justice. I often feel the pain and sorrow of the…

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There will be 180 as usual in the Minihall!  We’ve had alot of beautiful people come and share at 180 recently.  This Saturday (Apr 25) we will be spending time in worship and reflection to take it all in. See you here at 630pm.

Don’t forget:
(1) At 5pm, Colleen + Joy + Sidney…


Prophetic Justice – Week 5 – Amos and Poverty

Listen to audio podcast:

This week, Elder Blair Donaldson talks about how out of all the prophets, Amos is the most specific about some of the social injustices that were taking place amongst God’s people.

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