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[K4C] Well Done K4C!

Well done to all the children in K4C for raising over $1600 for  Viva Christmas Parties.

Looking after siblings, washing the dishes and tidying up were some of the extra chores our children did as well as giving from their own savings.

Now children at risk  will get to enjoy their own special Chistmas party organised…


WOC – Anna

Listen to audio podcast:

This week Andrew Gardener concludes our Women of Christmas series by looking at the story of Anna, and how she demonstrates to us a woman of faithfulness and trust.


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AGM Recap

Last Sunday we saw a successful AGM and want to thank all who were able to attend. We are happy to report that the members of the Congregation agreed to the re-election of Sean Seah, Cliff Ma and Rod Sewell as Elders of the Church. If you were…

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