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The Story of Jesus – Week 8 – John The Baptist Prepares the Way

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Elder Blair Donaldson continues our sermon series, The Story of Jesus. This week, we look at Luke chapter 3. He reminds us about how God brings us into the wilderness, not to punish us, but to help us lay our worries and struggles before Him, so that we might deal with…

[ 180 ] FIRST oneighty OF 2017 – JAN 7

This Saturday (Jan 7) we will start this new year by worshipping together and hearing a word of encouragement & direction that Ps Justin will be sharing.  Hope to see all of you there!

[ FYI ] In 2017, oneighty will meet once every two weeks (meaning, every other week / twice a month) starting…

The Story of Jesus – Week 7 – Jesus Presented at the Temple

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Pastor Andrew Gardener kicks off the new year with a continuation of our sermon series, The Story of Jesus. We look into Luke chapter 2, where Jesus was presented at the temple as a young boy and the stories of Anna and Simeon from which we can draw lessons of hope…

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