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The Vine Centre has been opened up as a place of rest and prayer over the past day and a half, to make ourselves and our resources available for any one who needed it during the large response to the protests in our city. In the last 12 hours the protests have begun to decrease…

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The Vine’s Response to What’s Happening in Our City

The Vine Centre will be open from 7pm tonight until midnight on Thursday, as a place of refuge, first aid, rest and spiritual support.


1. Come and pray. Although the building will be open continuously as a place of prayer over the next 48 hours, we…


Statement from Senior Pastor

Dear Church,

The last twenty four hours in Hong Kong has seen some scenes that we thought we would never see in our city. No doubt you have all been following what has been unfolding on our streets. We have seen some unprecedented social action with calls for more to come. It is times like…

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