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In Loving Memory of Dru Read

Memorial Service
Saturday, 25 June 2016, 2:00pm
The Vine Church, 29 Burrow Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Dear Church,

It is with extreme sadness that the leadership team of The Vine Church, wishes to inform you of the passing of Drusilla Read – our beloved sister, friend,…


The Acts of Fellowship – Week 7 – An Inclusive Community

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Pastor Jim McInnes pulls apart one of the most important passages in the Book of Acts in conclusion of The Acts of Fellowship series. We look at what it means to work towards inclusion in our communities and what steps we need to take in order for inclusion to flourish.


The Acts of Fellowship – Week 6 – A Sending Community

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Pastor Andrew Gardener looks at the role that a community can play in empowering people into the marketplace ministry.

If you are using an iPhone please follow these steps:
1. Click ‘download audio’ button and follow the link through to iTunes
2. There is no need to sign in,…

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