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Ps Tony and Ps Andrew’s Special Typhoon Live Event

Today Ps Tony was supposed to conclude our sermon series ‘RE:THINK’ with ‘I Deserve the Life I Have’. However, church has been cancelled due to the typhoon, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to cancel the word of God. We have Ps Tony and Ps Andrew here to walk us through the core elements…

RE:THINK – Week 6 – I Shouldn’t Have to Suffer

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‘I shouldn’t have to suffer. God owes me a good life because I’m a Christian and I worship Him.’ This faulty core belief states that ‘God is only good if my life is going well’ – we view God based on our situation and circumstances. This week, Ps Andrew…

RE:THINK – Week 5 – I Don’t Have the Time

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When we adopt the belief ‘I’m busy’, we so easily move to defining our personal value by what we achieve.

This week, Wendy Porterfield continues our sermon series ‘RE:THINK’ with ‘I Don’t Have the Time’. She speaks about the importance of uprooting this lie and declaring the truth of…

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