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Restoraton – Week 8 – The Restoration Journey

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This week, Pastor Jim McInnes concludes our sermon series ‘Restoration’ with week 8, ‘The Restoration Journey’. He wraps up the series with an encouragement to constantly turn to God for a deeper renewal of every dimension in our lives as we press on in this life-long journey of restoration.



Restoration – Week 7 – Seeking Healing

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This week, Elder Susanna Lynam continues our sermon series ‘Restoration’ with week 7, ‘Seeking Healing’. She shares with us about the lifelong process of healing and restoration. Through trials and suffering in our lives, we can also still show God’s glory and not give up on seeking healing in all aspects…


Restoration – Week 6 – Restored Identity: The Fatherless

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This week, Andy Houghton continues our sermon series, Restoration. He talks about the plague of fatherlessness that is present across our nations today and the devastation it is causing. The good news is God is in the business of restoring our relationship with Him and restoring our identity, so that we…

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