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Selah – Week 4 – Preparation for What is Ahead

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This week Ps Andrew Gardener explains how Selah is a preparation for what is ahead because it is the absorption point for the power of God’s peace in our lives.



Immeasurably More

O thou greatest equaliser, lowering high and raising low.

Placing thy unequal purpose onto those who know no worth.

Set thy strength upon my weakness, make my low become thy high.

O thou loveliest among all beauty, making dark all others light.

Shining thy creating brightness into those who live in…



This Saturday (Jan 24) we will come together in small groups to spend some quality time reading, reflecting, studying and discussing a particular bible passage. Bring your bibles and pens (paper will be provided).  Also, come with an expectant heart to engage for your own soul’s sake and for some good o’ face-to-face intereaction with others like…

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