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Building on last week’s discussion on meeting others’ needs with our talents and treasures, this week we will dig deeper into the heart of giving and what that means beyond just the church community, but also in our workplaces and ultimately in the kingdom of God. Minihall, 630pm, you and us!
This Saturday we…


[K4C] Kidz Church with Flight

Kids Church is back!

This week all the children aged 3-12 years old will be joining together to learn all about JUSTICE and how we can make a difference. After worship in the main service please drop off your kids in the Mini-hall for a fun time of worship, games and teaching.

And don’t forget to…

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Engaging Children with Justice

Recently a parent asked her 4 year old: What does it mean to be poor? Her son immediately got down on the ground and began to beg. What struck this mother was not that her son knew that being poor means having so little you need to beg, but rather what it would mean to…

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