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RE:THINK – Week 3 – I’m Just Not Good Enough

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This week, Ps Andrew Gardener continues our sermon series ‘RE:THINK’ with ‘I’m Just Not Good Enough’. We were not born with this faulty core belief, it has been shaped in us through our family upbringing and cultural worldview, and this core belief is one of the most damaging we…


RE:THINK – Week 2 – Everything Would Be Better If…

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Perhaps we think all day, ‘Everything would be better if my circumstances were different.’ But how often do we look for God in the midst of circumstances? This week, Ps Jim McInnes continues our sermon series ‘RE:THINK’ with ‘Everything would be better if…’

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RE:THINK – Week 1 – Introduction

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Ps Andrew kicks off this exciting brand new series called ‘RE:THINK’. During the series, we will look into mental health for the mind, and examine some of our faulty core beliefs we struggle with every day. Join us and be transformed by renewing your mind.

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