Be His hands and feet

Here at The Vine, Missions encompasses everything we do in life as an act of restoration for the Kingdom of God. We live missional values through our passion for justice, restoring and redeeming relationships, and seeking to live more like Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

As Missions sits at our core, it should not only impact our personal lives, but calls us to reach out to local and overseas communities. Join one of our local or overseas programmes.

Put your faith into action and join one of our missions programmes locally or overseas.

Upcoming Overseas Trips

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International and Local Partners
International Partners


To find out more about how to connect with our missions partners please contact

Leonard and Grace Ochieng and family

Leonard and Grace have answered the call of God to work with some of the most sick and impoverished people. Their work is permeated by a desire to help those suffering from AIDS to find economic opportunity, as well as a desire for those who are sick and needy to come into contact with their ultimate healer, God. They are now in Zambia after spending several years with us at The Vine.

Adrian and Aida Bell

Seeking God on a missions trip can be a dangerous thing to do. That’s exactly what happened to Adrian and Aida as they heard God’s calling and went to minister to the indigenous people of a little island called Guimaras. Surrounded by God’s beautiful creation, they provide educational opportunities for the ultra poor, bring restoration and redemption through ongoing justice and church work, and work tirelessly to ensure all people would learn the light and joy of knowing God personally.

Hazel and Titus Short and family

Hazel and Titus have been faithfully serving the student community in Constanta for 8 years. After giving birth to their first child Ona, they are taking a short break from field work and identifying where God is leading them next. Currently, they are still deeply involved in their International Cafe, a place where people come to learn English and also find God.

Thomas and Minu Shrestha and family

Birthed out of our Refugee and Asylum Seeker ministry, Thomas and Minu returned to Nepal and planted a church. Facing the realities of persecution and difficulties, their ministry has thrived in Kathmandu within their home. Over the next few years, the church hopes to see a network of churches planted across Nepal. Their ministry is such a blessing to the communities they serve.

Dinesh and Sadhana Raut and family

The Vine Church – Vermont is a Nepalese ministry reaching out to first and second generation Nepalis who have been relocated to the US. Dinesh, Sadhana, and their children work tirelessly to bring Jesus to a predominantly Hindu subculture. Through a strong culture of justice and love of God’s word, they have grown their church to 60 members who reach out to their neighbours, providing a means to meet Jesus.

Local Partners

Our main local partner is Branches of Hope and they work with refugees, asylum seekers, and trafficking victims in Hong Kong.

We are also connected to other local organisations that’s making a positive impact in Hong Kong and if you would like to connect with them, email us at