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Theology of Missions

At The Vine, we believe that missions is for all people, in all places, at all times. Living missionally is our response to accepting that God created us with purpose and that His creation exists to glorify Him. 

Our call to live missionally was never intended to be restricted to a church ministry or special vocational calling. It is meant to permeate across all areas of our lives and shape how we see our relationships with God, with others, and His creation.

Yet finding a connection between our faith and the practice of living missionally can be challenging. 

We recognise that each person’s journey to live missionally is deeply personal and reflective of where God is leading them. It is shaped by our skills, experiences, and passions. As we explore The River we want to equip and empower you to live a lifestyle reflecting God’s heart for humanity and His creation.


Missions Pathways

Missions Pathways is designed to help us go beyond just knowing about an issue. It’s designed to equip you to live missionally by connecting your faith with the knowledge to influence systems of injustice and share the gospel. It is a journey that empowers you to make a personal response and teaches you a framework that can be applied across any area of interest.

Throughout the year, we are running a range of encounters that start with 5 selected themes.

  • Human Trafficking
  • Ministry and Evangelism
  • Childhood Development
  • Economic Empowerment; and
  • Creation Care

Our first Pathway looks at the issue of Human Trafficking.

The trafficking of people through violence, deception, or coercion occurs across the world and Hong Kong is no exception. The food we eat, the services we enjoy, or the clothes we purchase can involve people who are victims of trafficking. We can unknowingly pass by brothels, massage parlours, and bars where people are being trafficked.

The truth is regardless of what job we have or the sector we work in – we can all play an active role in undoing this injustice in our city.


We’re inviting you to join us in this Missions Pathway through three ways:

1. The first is a collection of resources where you can learn more and share them with others.
Click to view Missions Pathways resource pack

2. Join our Mission’s Inspire night on July 30th.
On this evening we will host speakers from STOP and our key Missions partners who will share insights on a range of issues relating to human trafficking and how we can respond.
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3. Join our Catalyst Experience from July 29th
This is a 5-week dive deep into understanding the issue and developing your personal response. We will learn, interact, and explore together with our partners through discussions and Missions trips.
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To find out more about one of our upcoming Pathways or to meet with our missions team send us an email at

AHT Pathway Partners
International and Local Partners


To find out more about how to connect with our missions partners please contact


Through collaborating with frontline expertise in the legal, social work and mental health fields, Hong Kong Dignity Institute aims to provide assistance to victims of exploitation, abuse and discrimination to find actionable solutions and restore dignity.


Sons & Daughters exists to help those who are caught in sexual exploitation find freedom and restoration. Through a commitment of worship, prayer and outreaches, they strive to see an end to the sex trade in Hong Kong’s red light districts. Through intentional discipleship, they also help those who have left the sex trade walk into their destinies.


International Justice Mission is a global organisation that works with local justice systems to bring an end to violence towards those who live in poverty. Their efforts include intervention, restoration, prosecution and the strengthening of local judicial systems.


The mission of A21 is to abolish slavery wherever it exists. They have currently set up 17 locations across the globe to raise awareness, partner with local judicial systems to identify victims, and to help the restorative work of a trafficked victim. Currently they do not have a Hong Kong office.


Agape International Missions is involved in efforts of prevention, intervention, restoration and reintegration of survivors to stop cycles of sex-trafficking and exploitation in Cambodia. Their holistic strategy ranges from outreaches to girls caught in sex-trafficking to families, children and men.

Local Partners

Our main local partner is Branches of Hope and they work with refugees, asylum seekers, and trafficking victims in Hong Kong.

We are also connected to other local organisations that’s making a positive impact in Hong Kong and if you would like to connect with them, email us at