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Week 5 – Let There Be Love
Week 4 – Let There Be Hope
Week 3 – Let There Be Peace
Week 2 – Let There Be Joy
Week 1 – Let There Be Light
Week 4 – Faith
Week 3 – Mending the Divides
Week 2 – Building Unity
Week 1 – Creating the Future
Vision Sunday 2017 – 2
Vision Sunday 2017 – 1
Special Service: Watoto Children’s Choir
Guest Speaker: Ken Wytsma
Guest Speaker: Eugene Cho
Guest Speaker: Wayne Crook – Reinvention
Guest Speaker: Chris Hayward – Innovative Breakthrough
World Refugee Day
Week 12 – The Father and Two Sons
Week 11 – The Demon Possessed Man
Week 10 – The Workers in the Vineyard
Week 9 – Jesus Raises Lazarus
Week 8 – Jesus and Peter Walk on Water
Week 7 – Treasures and Pearls
Week 7 – Feeding of Five Thousand

Sometimes when we’re facing difficulties, we tend to run away or we ask God to take them away. But God wants us to accept the challenge and bring the challenge to Him. Ps Ellison Tsang continues our sermon series ‘Stories and Signs’ in the afternoon services this week. He shares with us how Jesus takes the inadequate things we bring Him and makes them to have a huge impact.

Week 6 – Jesus Raises the Widow’s Son
Week 5 – Rich Man and Lazarus
Week 4 – The Blind and Mute
Week 3 – Mustard Seeds and Yeast
Week 2 – Water Into Wine
Special Typhoon Live Event (Ps. Andrew)
Special Typhoon Live Event (Ps. Tony and Ps. Andrew)
Week 6 – I Shouldn’t Have to Suffer
Week 5 – I Don’t Have the Time
Week 4 – It’s Really Not that Big of a Deal
Week 3 – I’m Just Not Good Enough
Week 2 – Everything Would Be Better if…
Week 1 – Introduction

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3 Sep 2017. Ps Andrew kicks off this exciting brand new series called ‘RE:THINK’. During the series, we will look into mental health for the mind, and examine some of our faulty core beliefs we struggle with everyday. Join us and be transformed by renewing your mind.

Week 1 – Introduction