The Story of Jesus is a 25-week teaching series beginning Advent 2016 and running through Easter 2017. We will trace the narrative of Jesus’ life alongside the global church calendar, touching on the main events of His life in ‘real time’. The teaching will trace Jesus’ life through the gospel of Luke from chapter 1 through to chapter 24, moving chapter by chapter through the narrative. As with The Story of Culture, film will play a large part in The Story of Jesus. Given the emphasis of the series on revealing the humanity of Christ in his socio-historical context, we visited Israel and filmed weekly segments of the series ‘on site’ at various geographical locations that are central to Jesus’ story.

Week 25 – Conclusion
Week 24 – The Ascension
Week 23 – Easter Sunday
Week 22 – Crucifixion
Week 21 – The Last Supper
Week 20 – The Triumphal Entry
Week 19 – The ‘Lost’ Parables
Week 18 – Dangerous Prayers
Week 17 – Mary and Martha
Week 16 – Transfiguration Sunday Part 2
Week 15 – Transfiguration Part 1
Week 14 – Love of Enemies
Week 13 – Jesus and Sabbath
Week 12 – The Calling of the First Disciples
Week 11 – Jesus’ First Sermon
Week 10 – Jesus’ Temptation
Week 9 – Jesus’ Baptism
Week 8 – John The Baptist Prepares the Way
Week 7 – Jesus Presented at the Temple
Week 6 – The Birth of Jesus
Week 5 – The Challenge to All Human Empires and the Fulfilment of All of God’s Promises
Week 4 – Visit of the Angel to Mary: Virgin Conception
Week 3 – Preparing the Way for Jesus
Week 2 – The Certainty of What We Believe
Week 1 – Introduction