The Vine has become increasingly involved in the area of social justice. Right at the beginning when God brought to us refugees who needed help and fellowship we sensed an awakening of purpose in this direction. As the church has grown there have been new opportunities to reach out and be involved in the community. Social justice is now becoming a significant driver in our understanding of an appropriate Christian response to the issues faced by  society today.

The significance of social justice for us as a church is framed in the following four statements:


Social Justice is at the very heart of the gospel
We see social justice as an expression of God’s heart to save the world He loves.


The grace of God will transform lives and bring justice
Our purpose is the transformation and influence of communities, societies and nations for the glory of God.


The gospel is at the very heart of social justice
We are unashamedly Christian and evangelistic in the work that we do.


The church should be a voice for justice
We should be active in society to speak up for those who are denied justice.


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