What are Curriculum Days?

  • On six Saturdays a year lots of our children, their parents and friends, come to The Vine to learn something interesting. Curriculum Days are top quality themed lessons in a caring environment covering a particular school subject and delivered by specialist teachers. As we say in The School of Opportunity it’s all about love and learning.


Do you have any idea how many expert geologists we have at The Vine? Well, at our next Curriculum Day ‘Rockin Rocks’ they will be sharing their excitement about how much rocks rock. If you’re 7 – 17 year olds, come along on Saturday, January 17th, to a very cool Physical Geography Day. School friends are invited too! Tickets are available from the concierge, please email Jill Raymont for more details.


Our previous Curriculum Day, ShowTastic! held on Saturday 13 Dec – ShowTastic was a performance called ‘The Big Christmas Mix Up’! Santa was missing, Scrooge was running to the North Pole and Jack Frost was melting! An interactive musical Christmas show, held at The Vine, with gourmet popcorn, Rumple the clown and face painters leading the fun!


Our previous Curriculum Day, held on 18 Oct was StoryTastic! It was an interactive day for 4-12 year olds to enter into the world of storytelling. The stories were read, told, performed and sung as each room was transformed into a different experience!

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