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World Refugee Day – Roy Njuabe

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This week, we take a break from our sermon series to hear from Ps Roy Njuabe about God’s heart for the refugee. In preparation for World Refugee Day, Ps Roy draws parallels of Jesus’ experience to that of asylum seekers and refugees.

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Stories and Signs – Week 4 – The Blind and Mute

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This week Tom Franz, CEO of VCSL, continues our sermon series ‘Stories and Signs’. He shares with us his personal experiences and explains how the kingdom of God can manifest itself through salvation, healing and wholeness.

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Stories and Signs – Week 3 – Mustard Seeds and Yeast

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Jesus’ central message and mission was all about revealing the Kingdom Of God. Join Ps Derek Ma as he unpacks this by studying the parables of the Mustard Seed and Yeast.

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Ps Derek Ma will be speaking at the next oneighty on Saturday, June 10 at The Vine Church (1/f, Minihall) at 630pm.  You don’t want to miss this!

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Stories and Signs – Week 2 – Water Into Wine

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What was the significance behind Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine and how does it relate to our lives as Christians today? This week, Ps Andrew shares with us the symbolism behind the story and explains how we as Christians of the risen Christ should respond when the wine…

Stories and Signs – Week 1 – Introduction

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Why did Jesus speak in parables? This week Ps Andrew Gardener kicks off our latest series, ‘Stories and Signs’ answering this very question. He explains the transformative power behind the stories told by Jesus that allows us as Christians to respond in faith and not by force.

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