Hello, and welcome!


Newcomers’ Lounge

Date/Time: Every Sunday after our services
Venue: The Vine Center, 2/F, outside the Auditorium
Coordinators: Vincent Chan

Our Visitors’ Lounge is open every Sunday, immediately after both morning services. This is a great opportunity to connect with other newcomers and congregation members over a cup of coffee.


Newcomers’ Evenings

Date/Time: Every three months
Venue: The Vine

Held every three months, we invite all newcomers to meet our pastors and leaders and hear more about our vision. There is a presentation, a time of Q&A and time to get to know one another better. This all takes place in an informal setting over food and drinks.

Community Groups

A Community Group is a gathering of around 10-15 people who meet every week-or-so, for a variety of different activities, which can include times of food, fellowship, teaching, worship, prayer and fun! Community Groups are run by members of the congregation and are a key expression of the church. We believe that all of us are unique and yet we celebrate the unity-in-diversity that comes from being part of a loving family.

Women at The Vine

Tribe Night is designed to create an opportunity for the women of The Vine (from 18 upwards) to meet together to support and encourage each other on our journeys with God! We meet together every month and bring some food to share. We tend to have a three-month rotation of activities: Socials, Let Go & Let God and Panel Discussions.

Men at The Vine

Men at The Vine is a way for men to get to know one-another and connect into the life of the church. It creates avenues for different expressions of community and ministry specific to men. Whether they are teaching nights, socials, prayer gatherings or opportunities to serve, the ultimate goal is to see each and every man grow in his identity and in the image of Christ – the greatest man of all.



The coordinator for all Newcomers events is Vincent Chan. For more information please email vincent.chan@thevine.org.hk