What is Cleansing Stream?

Cleansing Stream Ministries (CSM) Basic Seminar is a teaching Bible-based course to bring every Christian into the freedom and wholeness that was gained through Christ’s work on the Cross. The vision of CSM is to help you as a Christian to know who you are in Christ, experience the power to live each day in His abundant life and understand the principle of ongoing personal freedom in Christ. Overall, CSM will help you in your walk with Christ by increasing your ability to live a Christ-centered life. You will experience inner healing, and freedom from strongholds as you learn how to apply spiritual warfare. This will release you to serve, minister, and disciple others in the Body of Christ.”

The CSM Basic Seminar lasts for 6 weeks and it consists of six sessions and one weekend retreat. Seminar meetings are held weekly. At each meeting there will be a Bible-based video teaching, and small group discussion in a relaxed and safe environment. The video teaching and small group discussion can be run on the same evening. Each session typically lasts for 2 hours. It culminates in a weekend retreat that runs on a Friday evening and all day Saturday. The entire seminar and retreat is held twice a year, usually in the Spring and Fall. At the retreat, various practical topics are introduced where you will experience dynamic personal ministry. Breakthroughs and changed lives are common.

The CSM Basic Seminar and Retreat is an avenue the Lord can use to bring restoration, and establish your roots in Christ as he nurtures and matures you.

The commitment involves:

  • Attendance at the Seminars and Retreat
  • Completion of homework and course material

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Next Course:

Begins 28 September 2017

Who is the course for?

The course is open to all Christians, and especially those who are looking to strengthen their faith and deal with any deep rooted issues in their lives. Many people have repeated the course and have found that God has revealed new things each time.

What topics are covered?

  • Session 1: Knowing The Father
  • Session 2: Walk in The Spirit
  • Session 3: Committing Everything to God
  • Session 4: Speaking Words of Life
  • Session 5: Entering The Cleansing Stream
  • Cleansing Stream Retreat
  • Session 6: Pressing toward the Goal

Seminar Dates: 28 September, 11, 25 October,  1, 8 and 22 November 2017
Retreat Date: 18 November 2017

How much is the course?

  • Individual – $720
    Includes: Seminar Registration, 1 new edition Workbook, 1 digital MP3 downloadable package, all small group sessions, Retreat registration & Notebook
  • For previous participants – $300
    Includes: Seminar admission and retreat registration

When and where is it?

We run the Cleansing Stream Seminar at The Vine Centre in Wan Chai. We run the course 1-2 times a year, on a midweek evening from 7:15pm-9:45pm.


If you would like to register this coming CSM Basic Seminar, please click the link below to register. Fill in the form and make the payment at The Vine Concierge by 17 September 2017.