The Vine Centre has been opened up as a place of rest and prayer over the past day and a half, to make ourselves and our resources available for any one who needed it during the large response to the protests in our city. In the last 12 hours the protests have begun to decrease…


Hey Church,

This Sunday is our annual interactive and creative prayer event, known as Converse. For those of you unfamiliar with Converse, our heart is to take the day to put aside our normal structured services and instead facilitate an environment where people and families can come and engage with God in a…

Support for the Philippines

A letter from Pastor Andrew


Dear Church,

As we all continue to hear the devastating news coming out of the Philippines I want to encourage us all to stand together for and on behalf of this nation at this time. The Philippines has always been a country God has put on our heart, and over…

A prayer for hope in our community

Gracious God,
We pray for peace in our communities this day.
We commit to you all who work for peace and an end to tensions,
And those who work to uphold law and justice.
We pray for an end to fear,
For comfort and support to those who suffer.

Prayer Evening

It is our great privilege that God allows us to be his feet and his hands to the community.  This friday we have a great opportunity to partner with God in seeing real lives changed through prayer, through being the hands and feet that Jesus was and that we continue to be.  In the run…