Reaching Out – Week 2 – Building Unity

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Ps John Snelgrove continues our sermon series ‘Reaching Out’, with ‘Building Unity’. He shares with us that unity is the foundation of a healthy church, it is not simply the work of the Holy Spirit, but the very instrument through which the Holy Spirit works.

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Reaching Out – Week 1 – Creating the Future

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Ps Andrew kicks off this brand new series called ‘Reaching Out’, with ‘Creating the Future’. We often think that our past is the primary or the only paradigm that informs our present and our future, but what if that’s wrong? What if we made the choice to reach out…

Special Service with the Watoto Children’s Choir

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The Watoto Children’s Choir kicked start their ‘Signs and Wonders’ Asian Tour with The Vine as their first stop. They moved and inspired us deeply with their amazing performance and stories of transformation. Find out more about the Watoto Ministries here:

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Guest Speaker: Eugene Cho

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Guest speaker Eugene Cho, the founder of One Day’s Wages, gives us a message about the heart of Christ. ‘When we speak about justice, it speaks about personal transformation, and it also speaks about structural societal collective human flourishing as well.’ – Eugene Cho

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Guest Speaker: Ken Wytsma

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Guest speaker Ken Wytsma, the founder of The Justice Conference, shares with us on how to fully experience the relationship with Jesus. ‘As you are loving or caring for the vulnerable, the poor, or the oppressed, at that moment, you are touching Christ, you are feeding Christ. That Christ…

Ps Tony and Ps Andrew’s Special Typhoon Live Event

Today Ps Tony was supposed to conclude our sermon series ‘RE:THINK’ with ‘I Deserve the Life I Have’. However, church has been cancelled due to the typhoon, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to cancel the word of God. We have Ps Tony and Ps Andrew here to walk us through the core elements…

RE:THINK – Week 6 – I Shouldn’t Have to Suffer

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‘I shouldn’t have to suffer. God owes me a good life because I’m a Christian and I worship Him.’ This faulty core belief states that ‘God is only good if my life is going well’ – we view God based on our situation and circumstances. This week, Ps Andrew…