Family Life

[K4C] Dads’ Worship

Our dads rocked in K4C! Ribbons waving, tambourines jingling and drums beating all added to a precious time of worship as our children embraced the opportunity to praise Jesus through music.

Don’t forget that this week there will be no K4C classes. We look forward to seeing you at Converse!

[K4C] Christmas Family Service

This Sunday 20th December our children and youth will be leading our Family Christmas Service.  K4C will be performing at 9.15am and 11.30am, an exciting Nativity musical called A Midwife Crisis. Please note there will be no K4C classes but Creche will be open for infants under 3 years old.

Vine Harmony Board

We are excited to get behind The Vine Harmony Board, which aims to help individual members of the community to make a difference by providing a bridge between those who want to give material goods, time or skills and those in our midst who are in need.

Goods and services provided are free, unless…

[K4C] August Kidz Church


During the month of August our 3-12 year olds will join together for Kidz Church to explore the miracles and mysteries of God with the help of our friendly scientist Dr Oppenheimerstein.   Parents please drop off your children in the Mini-hall after morning worship.


Hey Church,

This Sunday is our annual interactive and creative prayer event, known as Converse. For those of you unfamiliar with Converse, our heart is to take the day to put aside our normal structured services and instead facilitate an environment where people and families can come and engage with God in a…


The family: hanging together; seeing God in action; having loadsa fun; playing volleyball – badly; eating; breathing; in some cases sleeping; but together 🙂 see you there next time!!!
(Thanks Ron Tse for this epic photo!)

A prayer for hope in our community

Gracious God,
We pray for peace in our communities this day.
We commit to you all who work for peace and an end to tensions,
And those who work to uphold law and justice.
We pray for an end to fear,
For comfort and support to those who suffer.