A Generous Church

At The Vine we encourage a generous spirit amongst our congregation, and as a church we model that generosity by supporting a number of ministries in Hong Kong and overseas. Around 20% of donations to the church are redirected to missions. Our major outreach is to over 300 asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong, mainly from South Asia, Central Africa and Nepal. They are not allowed to work in Hong Kong during the processing of their application for refugee status, so we provide assistance with food, lodging and transport. We also support other mission outreaches in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines – such as St Stephen’s Society, Christian Action, Living Stones Village and International China Concern.



As a church we have operating expenses of around HKD$2m per month to enable us to maintain our current ministries. We are also currently repaying both a bank loan and interest-free loans from members that enabled us to complete the construction and renovations of the Vine Centre in Wan Chai. We are not supported by the government or any parent church organisation, so offerings from our congregants represent virtually all of our funding. We regularly teach on stewardship through tithes (a biblical term that refers the first 10% of an individual’s income or increase in wealth) and free-will offerings. We consider this to be a key component of Christian discipleship and encourage regular giving through Sunday offerings, monthly standing orders, credit card, internet transfer or PayPal.

Our accounts are audited yearly by an independent certified public accountant, Hoosang Lyn Li & Co. Ltd, and a copy of the report is available by request to church members.




Online Giving

Give towards:


You can now pay your monthly tithe simply and automatically by Autopay (direct debit). Please download and complete these 2 forms and either submit in person or by mail to The Vine concierge desk.


Autopay Form

Bank Transfer

  • Bank: HSBC
  • Bank No: 004
  • Branch No: 083
  • Acc No: 198929-001 (Current)

Please provide a copy of your transfer receipt along with your personal details WITHIN 2 WEEKS to accounts@thevine.org.hk

Cheque & Credit Card

You can give by credit card using our terminal at the concierge desk at the Vine Centre, or online via PayPal. Please make cheque payments to: “The Vine Church Limited”. We accept cheques in the following foreign currencies:




Tax Exemptions

As recognized by the Inland Revenue Department Hong Kong, The Vine Church Limited is a registered charity and is entitled to exemption under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (CAP. 112). A deduction is granted, for tax purposes under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, for donations of money made to The Vine Church Limited. As a registered charitable organisation, contributions of HK$100 or over (up to 35% of an individual’s income) qualify for tax relief and you will receive your receipt at the end of the tax year. To be issued with a donation receipt for your tax records, please contact our church office for further details about giving & receipt procedures. Please see below for further tax exemptions if you are a taxpayer in the US or the UK.



US Taxpayers

If you are a US taxpayer, you can receive a combined US & HK tax receipt for each donation of at least US$100 (or HK$800) by cheque and issued to “Friends of Hong Kong Charities Inc.” with nothing written on the lower left corner of the cheque. Combined US & HK tax receipts can only be issued for cheque donations. Contact our office for further instructions.


Contact Office

UK Taxpayers

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can now give online using our give.net donation page from Stewardship. You can give quickly and easily using a credit or debit card. Just follow the simple, online instructions. Plus, as a UK tax payer, don’t forget your giving could be increased through Gift Aid meaning The Vine will get even more support!


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